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Baltimore Culinary Arts School

Culinary schools are operating throughout the world nowadays, and Baltimore is not an exemption. However, unlike the others places in the world where culinary schools come in great number, Baltimore only has one major institution that offers the best quality culinary education possible. This school is none other than the Baltimore International College.The Baltimore International College is known throughout the state of Maryland as the premier institution for culinary arts education. It is regionally accredited and has been standing independently offering a wide range of culinary related degrees. The degrees offered at this Baltimore culinary arts school range from baccalaureate to associates and to certificates. And, it is nice to know that the programs provided by this Baltimore culinary arts school are all taught by industry experienced and well-trained chefs and professors from around the world, hence it is called an “international” college.Courses OfferedThe Baltimore International College, as mentioned earlier, offers a number of degrees for their students. One of the most preferred degrees is the Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Management. This is offered as a four-year, eight semester program and is designed to provide the aspiring culinary artists the chance to develop their own skills and abilities necessary for them to succeed in their chosen career, such as leadership and management, critical thinking, problem solving techniques, financial analysis and customer service.The Baltimore International College is also noted for its associate programs that are generally offered to prepare students in the much challenging culinary field. One of the popular associate degrees offered by this Baltimore culinary arts school is the Associate of Applied Science in Professional Cooking. This program is in the first place designed to provide students with a practical education that focuses much on food production, but at the same time instilling a sense of professionalism and excellence that will help the culinary industry grow to its best form possible. It is worth noting that all of the associate degrees offered by this Baltimore culinary arts school are designed based on that aim.How the Classes are HandledThe classes in Baltimore International School are held and conducted in three seasons: spring, summer, and fall. There are also some classes that are conducted during nighttime, giving the students the chance to do their own activities and responsibilities at daytime.It is further worth noting that at the Baltimore International College, the classes are held at classrooms, cooking laboratories, offices and dorms, as well as on the culinary arts center, bookstore, and computer lab of this Baltimore culinary arts school. There are even some instances when the classes take place at hotels, students unions, restaurants, inn, student housing and the school’s Learning Resource Center which covers a computer lab, library and a gallery of delicious, edible art.Today, the Baltimore International College holds more than 800 students annually. 52% of this population is men, while 48% are said to be women.