Benefits of Marketing Strategy – Three Simple Contrasts Between California USA and Dublin Ireland

There are many benefits of marketing strategy. Here are three simple contrasts between California in the USA and Dublin, Ireland and the way that marketing is handled.1) The internet is used quite extensively in the US as a form of further content on the product. In advertising it is used as an attention grabber then the prospect is ushered to a web site for the sale. Dublin uses the internet sparingly and relies more on the first contact for the sale. There is a bit of a natural monopoly here that allows less of a sales pitch. No matter what the product, there is less of a variety her than in the States. That makes the advertising job a little easier.2) Billboards are pervasive in an area like California. There is more space available than in the robust town of Dublin. There are some billboards in the suburbs, but not many at all in, and most of them are small. There are also a high percentage of trip panel boards, allowing for the maximization of the space used.3) Television seems similar at first glance. There are a variety of content offerings, with the usual breaks for the advertisers. The differences are in the references and uses of culture. There is one particular example in car insurance advertisement. It the US there is a lizard as the spokes person, in Dublin it came out as a bulldog. The funny thing is that the sales pitch was almost identical in content other than these cultural references. The commercials in Dublin seem to be a bit more risque in nature as well, leading one to believe that the rules (or the population) are more relaxed when it comes to sexual content.There are many contrasts in marketing between these countries, but the constant still remains the same. You must know your audience. And you have to have a plan for marketing. The education of how to market is out there for your benefit, if you choose to use it.

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